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Monday, January 13, 2014

Meghraj - Cloud computing for governance in India

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The cloud is definitely catching up as a preferred choice for taking government e-services to people. There is a lot of interest in cloud by many governments administration across the globe due to the low capital costs and high scalability.  One significant shift in this way was the “Cloud First Policy” by Obama. Even though there are concerns especially regarding data security, this trend is definitely picking up. The Govt of India is also putting efforts to tap the power of cloud for governance.  National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) by Indian government was the first step in that direction.

NeGP was an ambitions plan to make all government services accessible to citizens in their own locality, through common service delivery outlets at affordable costs. But this plan was not able to realize its full potential due to the inherent challenges in implementation. But what it did was creating the infrastructure which is forming the basis for adoption of cloud computing for the governance and in way accelerating accomplishment of goals of NeGP.

Department of Electronics and IT (DeitY) of Government of India has announced a project named as ‘Meghraj - GI Cloud’.  The ‘GI Cloud’ is the Government of India’s cloud computing environment that will be used by government departments and agencies at the centre and states.  The vision of this project is to accelerate delivery of e-services provided by the government and to optimize ICT spending of the government.
GI Cloud Architecture
Source :White paper GI Cloud (Meghraj) Adoption and Implementation Roadmap, Department of Electronics and Information Technology 

As per the Government of India’s GI Cloud (Meghraj) Strategic Direction paper  published in their website, the GI Cloud is envisaged to be established initially on national and state data centre assets (adapted for the cloud through virtualization) and connected through existing network infrastructure such as the SWANs, NKN, as well as the internet. Based on demand assessment and taking into account security related considerations, government may also engage the services of private cloud providers.


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